To my wife and my kids.


I approach you in prayer through your Son Jesus Christ, to ask that you please grant me the strength to change my ways to better my family. I know in my hart I thought wrong on how to lead and love my family in life. I have forsaken and neglected them and allowed the evil of money and anger to blind me of what I had. I did not listen when they spoke to me and I ignored them when they needed me the most.

Lord, I truly know now happiness is the family and having fun and enjoying life with them. Allow me to bring back love and togetherness to my family. To give them unconditional love, to listen to them with the two ears you gave me so I listen twice as hard before I speak with my one mouth, and allow them to grow and experience life and not hold them back from their dreams. But stand by their side and support them regardless the out come.

Lord, it’s through your son Jesus I ask for the strength and guidance to be able to provide and protect them. Please allow my wife to forgive me for the years of hart ache and love I took for granted. Help her forgive me for not listening to her even when she was not speaking. Help her to forgive me for neglecting and forsaking her when she was there for me all along. I know now and should have none then she was always there for me and I was blinded by the evil of money and anger of not having enough of it to allow me to lose focus on what was more important to me, and that was her love.

Lord, please allow her to forgive me and bring me back in her life. I promos, I will never neglect her or my children again and will dedicate my life to them to be the man, husband and father they truly deserve. This is what I ask and pry for. I have committed to bring happiness back into their lives and with your strength I will be there no matter what happens. Please Lord, grant me this one prayer in life to show them I have changed and that I will do my best to never let them down ever again. 

Please God, while she has me away from her and my family, please watch over them and protect them and keep them out of harms way. Guide them and direct them so they make the right decisions in life. Please don’t let anything happen to them while I’m away. God, I love them with all my whole heart and with out them I am nothing but an empty soul.

Lord, I do plead to you to hear and answer my family prayer through your only begotten son Jesus Christ, my raining King and Redeemer - Amen