Prayer For Marriage Difficulties

Jesus be merciful upon these couples and all who have marriage difficulties. Please help those whose marriages are faltering because of illness, unemployment and stress.

Please help those whose marriages are failing due to lack of communication, or due to infidelity. We ask Your powerful help for these couples and their families. Please send Your Holy Spirit to help them resolve their issues. Please help families to flourish in love and unity and with gospel values.

Please heal those families suffering as consequence of marriage break-up. Please give them healing and please give them courage and comfort. 

Thank You, Jesus

Dear Jesus, in all our relationships let our love be unconditional. May we seek others' true good, and affirm each other's unique preciousness. Even where we cannot detect Your presence in another, grant us faith in Your creative love for them. Grant us Your love and wisdom when we undervalue anyone, but also when anyone attracts us.

To see anyone's unique value is to acknowledge the goodness of Your Creation and the wonder of Your expression of Yourself in him or her! Grant us serenity and blessing for each other in our trials and in our joys. In Heaven, everyone will be in love with each other-that is, will recognize the wonderful, unique miracle of each other person. Help us to treat each other with love and consideration in this life.

Jesus I entreat You...Help those who are in danger of deciding to leave a marriage simply because initial attraction has worn off like gloss. Help them to put aside the prevalent belief gained in media, books, magazines and movies that 'falling out of love" means the end of a relationship. Instead it challenges couples to live according to what Jesus teaches about love. Help them to become aware the God never commanded that we 'fall in love" He only repeatedly tells us to love God above all and to love others as ourselves, faithfully and genuinely even in times of sadness and difficulty. 

O God, grant us this prayer for marriage difficulties through your son Jesus Christ our Lord, - Amen