Prayer For Troubled Marriage

O St. Rita,

Make us understand that a vocations not only a matter of attraction.

Enable us to see clearly that it is also a matter of finding, in ordinary events, God's will for us and then accepting it even if it seems to be baffling and contrary to our wishes.

Teach those called to the marriage state by the Lord to reflect deeply on the delicate choice that will influence their destiny.

Let them not be deceived by their feelings; instead, let them look for the solid qualities that keep a home united in the joy of the Lord.

Teach unhappy spouses the power of patience and mildness. Let them not give way to discouragement but, like you, let them save both the happiness of their home and the soul of their spouse.

O St. Rita, we pray this Prayer for Troubled Marriage through your name and in the name of Jesus Christ, - AMEN